Tow Truck Service in San Diego CA

Tow Truck Service in San Diego

Tow Truck Service in San Diego
Looking for a tow truck service in San Diego? Call Scovels Towing for fast towing assistance. We offer a wide selection of towing services that you can trust. From long-distance to local towing, we can help you with that. We have a huge fleet of towing vehicles that can carry and transport vehicles of all types and makes safely and efficiently to the desired destination.

Serving the residents in San Diego for more than 15 years now, we have established a reputation for delivering quality towing that can be trusted anytime and anywhere. For fast and dependable tow truck service in San Diego, call Scovels Towing for all your needs.



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Flatbed Towing

As the name suggests, flatbed towing involves the use of a flatbed towing vehicle that has a platform on its back. This platform or bed is where the vehicle is placed to be towed. Flatbed towing is an ideal choice when transporting vehicles that are a four-wheel or all-wheel drive. Basically, the whole vehicle is placed on the platform where no wheels are left to run on the ground while towing.


To learn more about our services and the different towing vehicles involved, give us a call today. Our friendly customer service team will be able to give you the best support you need while ensuring that you get the right service. At Scovels Towing our tow trucks in San Diego can help you move your vehicles safely and effectively.

Medium Duty Towing

Our medium duty tow trucks are capable of towing different forms of vehicles. Equipped with modern mechanical systems, our tow trucks can easily tow cars, sedan, SUVs, small campers, little bus, vans and a lot more. With the skills only our experienced wreckers has, you can be confident that your cars are handled by the best.


For all your medium duty towing needs, don’t hesitate to call Scovels Towing. With our fully equipped tow trucks, we can deliver your vehicles to its destination safely.

Light Duty Towing

Similarly designed with medium duty trucks, light duty trucks are equipped with the modern wheel-lift system. This mechanism is designed to prevent contact between the vehicle’s towing and in tow. Light duty towing is commonly used in many car routine calls, like roadside assistance services – flat tires, car lockouts, jump-starting services and more.


Our technicians are trained to handle and fix different car problems. No matter what type of security car mechanisms your car has, our tow trucks in San Diego are equipped to handle such issues. At Scovels Towing we can get you back on the road in no time.

Wheel Lift Towing

Our wheel lift tow truck is composed of a metal yoke and a hydraulic power to safely pull your cars and tow them to where you want them to be. Ideal for front-wheel drive cars, our wheel lift towing is delivered by highly experienced technicians.


At Scovels Towing we will make sure that you can get the best towing assistance at very affordable rates. With our 24 hours, 7 days towing services, we can help you no matter what time it is or where you are stranded. At Scovels Towing you and your car’s safety is our business.

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